If you’re a parent starting with Nest Kids & Co, your account will be in the preview mode, which is free. You can have a limited preview but to be able to access features you will need to sign up, this is also free. Signing up allows you to create a profile, search for sitters near you with desired qualifications, review unlimited profiles videos and reviews, and post a one-time, or last-minute job to the Job Board. 

When you decide you want to hire a babysitter, you may choose to pay the one off casual booking fee or select a monthly or 6 monthly membership plan. The casual 1 time booking fee is $18.50; discounted membership fees are $30.00 per month or $150.00 for a 6 month membership plan. Membership comes with unlimited access to all Nest Kids & Co Babysitter bookings and tools within that period.

Please note: All babysitter bookings during weekdays are to start from 4:30pm only, any bookings before that will be deemed as nannying. You may book a babysitter at any time during the weekends. There is a minimum booking time of 3 hours - if you come home before the 3 hour period you will still be expected to pay your sitter the 3 hours, if you come home early after 3 hours you only need to pay for the time worked.


No, the family will need to create their own account. When you sign up with a membership plan the unlimited access is for your children at your home address only. If you are needing a sitter for an occasion such as a wedding, please ensure you tick the sitter on location in the job post.

Parents can find and book sitters several different ways..

1. Post a job to the sitter Job Board. This is a great way to gather interest from sitters who are available and feel suited to the job role. The Job Board allows you to define the dates, times, hourly rate and other details about the job for sitters to review and show interest in. It’s a great way to provide detailed info about what you’re looking for in a sitter, and sitters will show interest knowing the full details of the opportunity.

2. Use the filtered search tool to discover sitters and check their availability through their calendar, find sitters who live near by, First Aid certified, have specialised experience or qualifications, proficiency in another language, and many other useful search features. You can bookmark sitter profiles to add to your list of sitters you’d like to hire. This list is freely accessible from your Dashboard for when you’re set to hire. You will need to post a job before requesting the sitter. When you request a sitter you will be expected to pay the hourly rate that the sitter has on her profile. When you accept a sitter who expresses interest on your job post, the hourly rate will be what you have set in the job post.


Once you’ve found a sitter you’d like to work with, you book her online. Once booked, a confirmation email will appear in your inbox and your sitter will contact you within 24 hours to further discuss the job.

When you request a sitter you will be expected to pay the hourly rate that the sitter has on her profile. When you accept a sitter who expresses interest on your job post without you requesting her, the hourly rate will be what you have set in the job post.

A pop up will appear reminding you of this if you request a sitter. 

Most Babysitters will prefer to be paid in cash and some may provide their bank details so you can do a bank transfer online after th ejob has taken place. The type of payment and hourly rate is someting you should discuss when your sitter calls you before the job takes place.

If your Sitter or Nanny is driving the children around in their own car additional fuel charges may be required. IRD recommends a rate of 0.77 cents per km. You will need to discuss with your babysitter or Nanny how you both plan to go about this, Most Sitters and Nannies record their travel in a logbook.

Nest Kids is a resource for finding all different types of babysitters from Early childhood Educators, experienced Nannies, Nurses to other Mums looking to make some extra money. For last minute bookings when life doesn’t go as you planned to full-time nannies. Nest Kids provides parents with a host of tools to find the specific type of childcare provider they need. All of our babysitters and Nannies have been vetted and interviewed, not all of the candidates who apply are offered a profile page.

When you have decided upon the sitter you wish to book you will be prompted to select a casual one off booking fee or a monthly or 6-monthly membership plan. Both membership plans offer unlimited access to Nest Kids and Co BABYSITTER bookings and features.


  • Your unlimited booking period starts at the time of purchase
  • Casual and Membership fees are paid through the website online via pay pal or credit card.

To cancel your membership, navigate to your profile page and click Cancel Membership. 

You can use it to pay your Nest Kids and Co Babysitters or Nannies in replacement of cash. It may not be used to pay for your Nanny placement fees or for Babysitting membership fees. You will still need to sign up with Nest Kids to access babysitters like everyone else. When it is time to pay your Sitter you can give her your voucher with your unique code as money. Nest Kids and Co will transfer the money into the babysitters account once the job has taken place and we have been informed of the amount owing. If there is any money remaining on the voucher we will send you another unique code via email and that can be used towards the next Nest Kids and Co Babysitter.


You are not required to deduct PAYE from the babysitter’s earnings - your Babysitter is required to pay their own as IR56 taxpayers. 

While you leave your young ones with a child carer from our agency be sure that your baby is in safe hands. Every nanny, babysitter or early childcare reliever have gone through an extensive selection process.  Not everyone who applies makes it into our books. Candidate Interviews take close to an hour, then we fully identity check, police vet, background check and verify their credentials. Not to mention discuss their suitability in a childcare role to past employers and referees.

We are very through with ensuring that all expectations are clearly stated between both parties in the employment contracts so there is no misunderstanding. We stay in touch with you and your Nanny through out the first few months to ensure everything is going along smoothly. If for some reason the placement does not work out, we offer a free replacement guarantee within the first 6 weeks from start of employment.

A professional nanny is a childcare professional who specialises in looking after children in your home. Professional nannies will create a safe, stimulating and happy environment for the children. All of our nannies will hold a form of qualification in childcare and/or they will have had experience in professional childcare and Nanning before we place them in our books.

A Nannies main focus is to promote the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of your child. Duties are designated to childcare duties only. This includes overseeing all daily activities, preparing meals for the children, washing the children’s laundry, shopping for them, tidying the children’s rooms, Running Kindergarten/school collection/drop offs, supervising homework, organising play dates and any other childcare duties there may be. Other duties may be included based on individual family needs through discussion if not stated in the employment contract.


After talking with you and learning about your families tailored needs, what you are wanting from your Nanny and working out your personality types we then introduce Nannies we have already interviewed that have the skill set you require. We also place advertisments pointing out key experience and qualifications you are looking for to many job boards and then interview the ones who have great resumes. The Nannies who fit the personality from here will then be introduced to you for an interview. The process can take up to 4 weeks depending on the skillset you require. After interviewing the candidates you then choose who you feel will best suit your family, these decisions can be tough and we are here to help guide you along the way!  Selecting the right Nanny can be a quite a process on your own so it pays to employ our services to assist you in finding a successful Nanny placement. It is very unsettling for children to constantly have new Nannies because they don’t work out. 


It is variable; often this is dependent on the days/hours and location of the job. You could expect between 2-6 weeks. If you urgently need a Nanny, please advise us and we will endeavor to work within your timeframe. Alternatively, you could employ one of our temporary Nannies until we find the right fit for you.

We suggest that on your first sitting you arrange for the babysitter to arrive 30 minutes before you leave. You can then introduce her to your family and be in a position to see how well she relates to your children. If the children are ready for bed she could read them a story or if they are older you could start a game together. Usually, when you introduce your babysitter in this way children soon feel comfortable.

Our sitters have been carefully selected and have experience working in the childcare profession. They have chosen to work with children because they enjoy it - you'll find they are quick to put you and your family at ease. It is usually not practical to meet a sitter before you need her to babysit as she may not be available when you do need a babysitter. If you are very nervous about leaving your child for the first time, why not make your first evening out very local and arrive home early.

Most babysitters are prepared to babysit until close to midnight or occasionally even later - we always suggest that when you make a booking, you state the latest time you are likely to be out until (so that your childcarer is prepared).

Signing up with Nest Kids will take you to a page where you need to see if you meet the minimum requirements, if you meet these requirements please fill out the questions and submit your application.  If we think you will be a great fit, you will be contacted by a Nest Kids recruiment consultant to arrange an interview. 

Every Babysitter and Nanny needs to have cleared the Background/Safety checks and be approved by a recruitment specialist before having access to a profile with Nest Kids and Co. There is a one off $25 background check admin fee for Babysitters only. This cost is to cover your Identity verification, Police vetting, interview time, reference and qualification checks and all administration involved. If these checks clear we will provide you with a  a profile.  If the check does not clear and/or we do not feel that you will be suited for the role we reserve the right to decline your application. You will only be asked to pay the one ff $25 Babysitter profile fee if you have been invited into out books.


Nest Kids encourage all of our Nannies to have a babysitters profile. All of our Nannies wanting extra work will be on call for Temporary Nanny jobs usually during weekdays. Our Nannies can babysit anytime during weekends and can start a Babysitting job from 4:30pm during weekdays.

You will have 2 seperate profiles for this as Nannying and Babysitting have a very different fee structure. 

PLEASE NOTE YOU SHOULD BE ADVISED BEFOREHAND BY THE PARENTS IF A YOU WILL BE PAID THROUGH A GIFT VOUCHER Gift vouchers can be used to pay you for your Babysitting services in replacement of cash. At the end of the job the Parent will provide you with the vouchers unique code. You will need to text this code and the amount owing to 021 0242 4590 with your full name, and bank account details. You will also need to ensure that the Parents text Nest kids the unique voucher code and confirm the amount to pay you. Nest Kids and Co will transfer the money into the your account once both parties confirm the amount owing (should all happen that night). If there is any money remaining on the voucher we will send the parents another unique code via email and that can be used towards the next Nest Kids and Co Babysitter. If the voucher does not cover the full amount then the Parents will need to pay the remaining through cash or via online banking, also transferring money into your account.


The hourly rates are dependent on your age, experience and qualifications, also number of children in your care.

For example, professional Nannies who are experienced and or qualified with a current first aid certificate usually charge $15 - $18 per hour for babysitting in other agencies.

If you are not as experienced, it is recommended that you start at a lower rate and once you have a number of good reviews and repeat callbacks you could consider bringing your hourly rate up if you are in high demand.

If you wish to raise your rate for additional children, an extra .50cents to $1 per child, per hour is recommended.

Nanny Rate – Nanny prices vary from $17 - $30 per hour dependent on experience, qualifications, job requirements and number of children in their care. If your employer requires you to transport children in your own car, fuel charges may be required. IRD guidelines suggest $0.77 cents per km. It's reccomended to keep a logbook of distance travelled.


Creating a profile video is easy, you can record this on your phone or device by yourself or get a friend to record it for you. We strongly recommend you add a video as it will help you gain more work.

1.Record your video on a phone, device, computer,  video recorder or camera

2. Email the video link to support@nestkidsandco.com

3. Nest Kids will email back with a new compatible formatted link containing your video content

4. Copy and paste the compatible link into your profile page


Once youre profile page has been unlocked by a Nest Kids administrator after all of your recruitment checks have been completed, you will have access to a profile page which you will need to fill out.  It is the first thing you should do once gaining full access into the site. In the profile page you are asked to copy and paste your video link. This link needs to be provided to you by Nest kids and Co so it is compatible with the site. All you need to do is email the video link you have recorded on your phone or device to support@nestkidsandco.com and we will send you back a new compatible link to copy and paste into your profile page. Easy as that! 



Tips how to record a top profile video:

  • Ensure you have the lighting right - its a good idea to do a few test runs. If you avoid having the light behind you, keeping the light in front of you and on your face - it will create a better shot. 
  • Try and film with a plain background - set the scene so parents can focus on you.
  • Rehearse a few times before recording - a little preparation goes a long way, writing some key points down to remind you always helps.
  • When talking into the camera pretend you are talking to the family you really want to work for. Smile and connect with your audience. 


The content to mention in your profile video:

  • What type of childcare experience you have? 
  • If you have any qualifications or training related to childcare?
  • What do you love about babysitting/nannying?
  • What personal qualities make you a great babysitter or Nanny?
  • You can then tell them a little about yourself

Its good to get the important information out in the first 60 seconds as this is the time people loose interest. A video profile length should be around 1-2 minutes.

We encourage you to have fun and be yourselves while filming these videos!

PLEASE NOTE: Your video content will not be accessable to any one other than on our website through your profile page. 


Yes you can. Go to View Posted Job, select a category and then you will see a cancel button below each job listing. If you have requested a sitter or interest has been made you will not be able to remove the listing from the board. In this case, just dont book any sitters. If a booking has already been made, you can contact support@nestkidsandco.com or call 021 0242 2490 for assistance. 























Note: Verifications are done where possible, occassionally verifyning companies that are no longer active or some overseas documents is not posible.  In this case extra checks are taken in areas where possible to ensure that the childcare provider is a safe and capable candidate to become an approved Nest Kids and Co childcare provider. All checks are done to a high standard and meet requirements of the Vunerable childrens act.